Model For Progress

From the start, Dubai has understood the tremendous value of aviation as a driver of social and economic development. The emergence of Dubai as a leading global aviation centre is the result of a carefully constructed and well executed model that effectively harnesses the emirate’s geocentric location by providing a liberal regulatory regime which fosters competition, a business-friendly environment, a customer-centric focus that provides value for money along with close coordination and collaboration within the sector.

As a result, Dubai’s aviation sector has seen tremendous growth. Since the opening of DXB in 1960, we have seen average annual growth of over 13%.

Over the past 12 years passenger numbers have more than quadrupled from 18.1 million in 2003 to 78 million in 2015.

Throughout its history, airport capacity has always been provided in a timely fashion and to a very high standard.

Each member of the Dubai aviation sector has contributed to this success. Launched in 1985, Emirates airline has become largest international airline in the world in terms of Revenue Passenger Kilometres. Dubai Duty Free has become one of the biggest single airport retail operations in the world and flydubai has established itself as an emerging Dubai-based operator.